Covid Vaccinations in Greece (Data in Power BI)

Mani in Greece July 2021

Today, the answer in the question if we can go on vacation in greece today is Yes, tomorrow is Yes. I think that for the next 2–3 months also the answer is also Yes. But what about the winter?

“The winter is coming”

Maybe this quote is from one of the best TV Shows of all time, but it is also true. In order to see how covid vaccinations are going in Greece, I have built a fast dashboard with data from the internet.

Power BI

Bla,bla,bla sorry for this one, but i am not going to analyze and describe what is power bi. You can find more information about this in

Covid Vaccinations in Greece

Greek Government has created a site with the total vaccinations per region, but the question in this data is the percentage of people who got vaccinated vs total. To answer this question, the fastest way is to implement it with power bi.

Getting Datasets

To get the first data with the vaccinations is really easy. Just select as datasource “From Web” and paste the link

Getting data from web

In the next screen select the table with vaccinations and select load.

select the table from the website

Before implementing the dashboard we need just a few more steps… as mentioned before there is a need to compare this data with the population. To do this we just need the data for population in greece. These data are also available in wikipedia.You can find this data here.

Wikipedia Population

Data Transformation

Now, we have all of our data, and we are ready to implement a data transformation in order to merge these tables and get a final dataset.

The steps of transformation in wiki table:

  1. Remove “Π.Ε.” From the column of “Περιφερειακή ενότητα” (This is Region)
  2. Uppercase text in column Region

The steps in Covid vaccinations table and the total data table:

  1. Promote headers
  2. Split last column in order to have only the integer number with people who are fully vaccinated.
  3. Split third column in order to have only the integer number with people who have at least 1 dose.
  4. Merge these 2 tables using power bi merge and select Fuzzy!

After implementing all these steps we have now a datatable like this..

Data table in Power BI

Viiiiz It!

In this section everyone has a different point of view. For me each Dashboard or Power BI Dashboard or Python Dashboard or Qliksense should say a story. You can find this story below. :)

Power BI Dashboard



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